Thursday, October 09, 2008


this week, on Tuesday im started to go for classes.
i should have go to the classes since mid of September, but i did not. i dun know why myself did not wanted to join the classes until this Tuesday.

it's was raining day, i got no other places go to beside bukit aman jogging around lake garden, so i decided to go for the classes.
it's was spinning classes. wow, im just loving it.

on Wednesday, i go for the classes again. it's was aeroboxing class. im enjoyed it too. but something is missing in aerobic class, i missed the feel back in Penang during my Diploma time... An open aerobic session joined by Public in field with loud PA system and we all do it together... it's was in Youth Park, every Wednesday or Thursday 5.00pm to 6.00pm.

that's where im learnt my basic of aerobic. i go no problems on the move now. today, i suppose go for the spinning class again, but i feel too tired, so just back home and rest.

Tomorrow, im looking forward tomolo classes which is cardio aerobic, hope it's what im wish for. the feel, the move, and sweat a lots.

OMG... with interest getting stronger with classes, how im keeping my pace with running? i thinks i still will running with a group of people on Saturday Morning 7.30am starting from Bukit Aman car park, nearby toilet n running around Lake garden.

Next Sunday, 19 October, it's Mizuno 10km Runs. it's will be testing time for me to see how's my training so far.

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