Saturday, October 25, 2008

Streamyx Back

it's imazing...

my streamyx is back this morning.

like normal, i went to running at the Bukit Aman @ 7.00am
when back at home, i have the worst thing expected like usual, streamyx still down.

im just on my PC to do something, and suddenly im heard of my skype is being logined. wow, it's back.

im so excited.

no need go out left my home sweet home looks for the internet and also forcing myself to drinks expensive coffee and also go to KFC.

strangly, just now im called to helpline, wanted to do my rebate report, the account people saying that my technical report still open, not yet closed. i guess, the technical assistance is not working on Saturday n Sunday, and monday as well. haha.... Happy Deepavali.

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