Friday, October 03, 2008

Broga Hill Hike

Broga, a small village in Semenyih, the hill is located about 40min drive from Cheras. Broga Hill, is meant for trekking beginner, no special trekking skill required at all, because it just a grass hill (very suitable for Bollywood movie shooting), it takes only about 30 to 40min to reach the first hill top and another 10min to reach the second hill top.

The hill top is normally windy and refreshing and you hardly found a big tree to block your view. Whole trek will takes about 2hours.

Since we go for sunrise.
That means we gotta:
4.00 am - at Trail Trackers office TTDI, depart to cheras.
5.15 am - Cheras, after RM 0.50 tol, head to Kajang.
5.40 am - Kajang McD tabau breakfast.
6.00 am - depart to Broga Hills
6.25 am - Broga Hills, prepare to trek
6.30 am - Go Go Go
7.15 am - First summit, makan-makan, wait for sunrise (if lucky), free-and-easy time!!

After the trek, it should still be early, we can go visit the "stone datuk" temple then go for some makan at Broga.
1. Ikan Bakar Broga near "stone datuk" tample
2. 柚木園燒魚 Kedai Makanan Pokok Jati (got recommended in 8TV Ho Chak!) near Nottingham Uni (we will see this on the way we go to Broga)
3. Pan Mee & ABC in Broga village
All restaurants above start at 11am.

Things to bring/wear:
1. Head lamp / torch light, use before sunrise, a must. (as usual, i will prepare 1 extra torch light, who want it, let me know)
2. Energy supplement: chocolate, energy bar, banana etc
3. Water / 100 plus / UHT milk
4. Hat / sun block, for those who need it, since it's a botak hill
5. Long pants, for those who scare the long grass might scratch your beautiful legs :)
6. Rain coat / poncho, just in case, Malaysia whether! (disposable one only around rm3)
7. Camera
8. YOU !!


Anonymous said...

got any photo?

vin_ann said...

GOT. if u r my fren then u know where to find lo..!

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