Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bad Japanese Boss

im changing new job.
it's happened so fast, im really cant believe it myself.

it's a termination without notice. im really have a bad day , bad time, bad experience with my japanese boss when im tendering my resignation letter. he keep saying be responsiblity, be a man, and he mentioned that 8 years in Malaysia, im the fastest person who giving such notice. Termination without serving notice. later he said he did not know what to do with me. im was like shock n cant things of anything but, 1 thing, i will pay the payment in liue of 1 month notice, tht's all.

my boss is really narrow minded, and he told my finance manager that he did not believe im got a new job. He thinks im want to quits because of he scolded me that day on tiny matter. im was like, HUH, how come he can come to this conclusion, i was so surprise when my finance manager told me in secretly.

so the last discussion, i wanted to know whether how much is my compensation needed to pay, but yet, he told me another thing. He will takes me to the Arbitration Court. Huh? i never heard of this thing also. really pissed off and he really scared me on it. but im believed that the contract never got mention about the legal action, but only payment in liue of notice.

after that, nothing much can be discuss, im just walked out and back home. back at home, i tooks out the contract and terms n condition copy, scan through every lines, every words, there are not legal actions.

at night, my finance manager called me, told me that there's not such legal action, she said my admin boss is insance and over already, she advise me just write another letter mentioning my current salary is used to set off the payment in liue of 1 month notice.

at 5.00pm, i have another discussion round with my japanese admin boss, this time, he report to big boss, project director. this round, he

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