Sunday, October 19, 2008

Email to TM Nut

helo, im writing in to complain about my streamyx which is down since last FRIDAY 10 October 2008.

A called to 1-300-88-9515 technical assistance (TA) said my area is having the distruption, the streamyx service will be back on the next day.

On The next day Saturday 11 OCtober 2008, my streamyx is still down. i called again to TA and said Techician did not works on Sat n Sunday, so i have to waits until Monday.

on 12 OCtober 2008 Sunday, a report is being filed with TA.

my report number is 138 994 887 xx.
my problems: DSL light blinking. all trouble shooting is being done as told by TA.
my id login: xxxxxx
my mobile phone: 01x-xxxxxxx

since then, each time, everyday i called TA, i got the same asnwer. Cable is the problems, repairing works in the progress. 1st it's was mention the works will completed on 15 OCtober, but it's appearly did not.

on 15 October called TA, it's mention again the works will be completes on 18 October.

WHY MY STREAMYX IS STILL DOWN. TM Net as the BIG Brother in the broadband industry is giving such a SUCK service. the Technical assistance is helpless.

pls advise me, what should you have done, and what should i need to done to get my streamyx connected back.

how come your did not annouced in the newspaper saying that cable damaged, and streamyx in certain area is affected?

why keep me in the dark?

TOmolo is 20 October, my streamyx is down since 10 October, it's 10 days gap, many things i can not done during this period,
i can not pay my bills online,
i can not pay my car loan online,
i can not view my credit card online,
i can not communication with friends on important matter online,
i can not do research on my works at home online,

HOw your going to compensate me on this matter. this have damaged me in mentality, Can't your realised that YOUR STREAMYX Service is important to me?

lastly please advise me, when going to connect me back to online. Thanks.

Send on 19 October 2008 13.38.

-- Cheers
Vin Ann

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