Friday, October 24, 2008


moto for the day:

It's Licking' Good.

that's where im now surfing net, checking my mail, downloading my movie, spamming as well.

previously i saw the FREE WIFI sticker on the door of KFC, but im relucdant wanted to go in, as im do not want FAT CHICKEN.

i dun want eat Chicken, i want diet.

i thinks im been telling myself, trys to avoid KFC if possible, and at last, finally im stepped into KFC Wangsa Maju, beside Carrefour, which is a quite BIG KFC...

brought wadges and 1 cup of Pepsi, cost me RM5.05.
at least, im avoided Chicken.

well, this KFC is going to my heaven while waiting my streamyx back.
it's FAST...
it's Confortable.
and it's COOL...

im wearing normal T-shirt and short pants, and worse im sitting below the air-con blower, which so happened the plug is nearby. im shacking now...

i thinks my weekend will be enjoyable weekend, and will be spending most of the time inside KFC...

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