Saturday, January 07, 2006

1st week

1st week of working.
for the 1st 2 days, it was quite relax, reading audit file and preparing for the audit on the 3rd day.
Went to client office to do audit. 1st audit on 3rd day. i was thinking last time training in small audit firm, i waited for so many days, weeks, months to go out audit. Some more i only do audit at client place once during 3 months training.
really excited to do the audit. While on the other hand, there are lots of thing which is new to me. so many things i do not know. have to always ask my semi-senior, senior also... haha

working around 6pm for the 1st audit, bcoz senior wanted to attend class. while i'm back to office to finish some works. i was carry box bag walking back to office as it very near. works in office until 7.30pm. second day audit, we worked until 8.45pm only back home...

Going back home time is getting late day by day...

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