Thursday, January 05, 2006


Housemate S1
Roommate M1
Housemate M2

i got 2 housemates and 1 roomate. total 4 people staying 1 house... roomate is new, moved in on 16 Dec. while S1 just back from Singapore training recently. now start Uni back.

S1 told me that, his friends also found training in Singapore, and got paid salary. when they go to singapore authority to apply working permits, they kena rejected. who i asked... because they got paid... then ur training do not have paid 1? he reply YES... Wo, Singapore govt really smart... welcome trainee who have to fork out money to work! Get paid training Get loss...

M2, he back to hometown during New year. nothing special happen.

finally come to M1. he very pelik, opposite with normal people. before i start works, i know it clear on what her doing... he seem do need to worry about classes that need to attend. can whole day staying at home. night only go out for diner. from morning until evening, he only do 1 thing.... that is Sleep.
while he active at night... from the time he wake up until the next day 6am.
recently more Keng, wiht S1 stay awake until 7am, the time i wake up.
last night, the door opened at 3am, hearing he playing games outside, with laughing sound S1. then again 6am. they laugh together...

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