Saturday, January 07, 2006

wanted to pay acca annual subscription fee by online using credit card, whose know the transaction was fail... dissapointed again...

on Friday, the management cut my house water supply, reason is the owner own management for outstanding of over Rm500. i was informed by housemate saying the water was cut.
aiks, have to ask housemate to settle parts of the bill. if not, tonight when back to home, have to go to friend house to take bath. Lucky it was settled on the spot with the help of housemate.

Since back to KL, this house really give me a lots of problems. 1st is Streamyx service was cut, then settle the bill, reconnected. it follow with the Telekom house fixed line, which the bills have 2 months outstanding, again go to settle the bill. what else can be cut leh, there is still one more, Astro. it also kena cut, because of the outstanding amount for 2 months also. again, paid the bill online and within 24 hours get back transmition.

it's really hard to trust of friends to settle the bills. My beloved friend who stay in my room while i'm in UK, did not even care about settle the bills. Leave a lots of trouble to me! My clear and good record now is polluted by him...

so sad, it will takes time to recover back my good credit records.

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