Wednesday, January 18, 2006

today while working, auditing, suddenly senior get a call from office. She was required by manager to back to office tomolo to clear file.

2nd call from office, manager wanted us back to office, pull out from the current job, and back to office for another new job.

3rd call from office again, senior was required to back office today to clear the adjustment needed to make.

start from 1st call, our mood was distrupted. thinking i can back to office tomolo, how nice was it. anyways, i still need to works now. while the 2nd call is quite shock, as we are asigned to audit this company for 2 weeks. whose know today the 3rd day of working, and now we are pulling back this jobs, only will come back to this company after CNY. Works is half done. Some works can not be done due to client not yet finished preparing the information.
when the 3rd call in, senior told me to start packing, as she need back office works n wanted to back home early as soon as possible.

i cant imaging this, i'm going off at 5.23pm.... the earliest ever. this good situation will not happen again in future, specially for coming weeks b4 the CNY. Weekend i thinks i will be required back to office to works.

had diner with friend at 7.30pm. 1st time, since i start works. everyday i ta pau back home to have my diner. now i can diner with friend. so nice. hope there will be more chances to diner with friends.

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