Thursday, January 12, 2006

do not know what happen to me tonight and last night.
yesterday night, my fren from Utar asked me to fill in questionaire... then i filled in for her.
so mah fan her questionaire.
1st have to download from mail, then open the words file, answer it, and save...
after that, have to attach the file and sent back to her...

anyways, i really help her to forwards to my friends. Jessy, GH, SP, Pat, KY, Swei they all filled in... thanks a lots.

any1 still want to fill in the questionaire? the final date for this is this friday... that is tommorrow. too bad, u got no chance to fill in the questionaire lioa...
anyways, it's about online payment. quite hard for my friends who are currently studying, as they rarely o never make online payment before, except AirAsia air tickets.

talks about AirAsia, i never buy tickets online before, while in UK, i brought so many times. One Pound Bus tickets, Cheap air tickets, find trains schedule and also price, booked EuroStar ticket. All are brought online. really convenience. Do not know when this day will come in Malaysia?

Hope, after many days, weeks and months of working, i can go to somewhere vocation and enjoy the life... recharge myself...

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