Sunday, January 01, 2006

31 December 2005

quite busy for the morning. i went to TBR photostate something, buy pen and after that i shop for my supply at carrefour... so many people at there. quickly grad the things i want and heading to counter pay money and leave.

i went to motor shop to ask about motor meter. asking how much to replace it. cost Rm80 for non-original meter, and it's give the in-accurate reading for fuel meter. But what i wanted is KM meter. it's come together, and have to change together. while the original meter is cost about Rm200 plus... shit, gila man, so expensive. i rather do not want to claim my travelling allowance just to fix the meter, it is very hard to breakeven.

on the other side, i ask the mechanic to check for my engin. my engin recently produce some abnormal sound. the mechanic listen to the sound and know what's my engin problems. the bearing have to be changed and need to open the whole engin. and need about 1 day to fix it. aiks...

i didnt fix it, as i thinks i might use motor later. i'm feeling very down about this. very unhappy. got no others program until midnight. stay home online...chatting. feel no excited with the new year.

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