Monday, January 02, 2006

yesterday my motor masuk kedai, for inspections. the mechanic said he need to open the engin to check what's broken inside, then only can tell me how much the cost to repair it.

he called me this morning and ask me to go to the shop have a looks. wah... so many things broken. Bearing, rod, pistol and etc, total got about 20 things plus... and it sum up cost me RM550. wah... really major maintenance.

old motor about 5 o 6 years need spare parts replacement. it happen to me today.

back home, iron my working shirt... online, watch tv... i'm thinking if can not get the motor by today, tomolo working i have to take LRT to works. long long time do not take public transport. suddenly feel like very troublesome to take public transport. time consuming and it's expensive. i mention this bcoz i only need 10 min plus to get to work and it save me a lots with motor.

at evening the mechanic called me said the motor is ready! so fast. i thought it will only done tomolo. ai...seem i have to pay lump sum today, not tomolo.

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