Saturday, January 21, 2006

Kui Lou

my current client boss is a Kui Lou...
at first nothing happen. but i can see a lots of Kui Lou and Kui Mui working in the office.

it was meeting between auditors and person in chare with the boss. i'm not part of the meeting as i'm only act in little functional auditor i would call myself. haha...

the meeting was quite long. do not know what happening. the purpose of meeting is to speaks up outstanding matters and enquire some figures as i know from other colleagues.

auditor speaks up what is outstanding in front of boss and the person in charge have to give the information immediately. it's so effective. while due to some communications problems, there are some misunderstood between 1 auditor and one person in charge. While others there is nothing outstanding.

1st time, learn something from this. Communication is very important between auditor and client.

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