Saturday, January 07, 2006

suddenly want to deposit cash. i as usual go to bank and use cash deposit machine to deposit my money.

Maybank, the service is not available, Hong Leong Bank not know what happen. maybe weekend the reason. updating file. Public bank more worse, do not have any cash deposit machine service avialable nearby. For your information, they now only have 4 cash deposit machine available in 4 branches. i was thinking, Public Bank is the Best Bank in Malaysia, so many awards they get, how come they can not afford to install cash deposit machine in every branch just like Maybank the Big Brother.

this lead to me thinking of switch all my money to Maybank but Maybank will charged me at 5th withdrawal for RM0.50 per withdraw. aiks... Other banks charge annual fee of RM8 regardless number of withdrawal.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nvm nvm... come deposit into my bank =)
24/7 working wan! come come.. bring bigger notes with u ok! wakakakak!

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