Tuesday, January 10, 2006

i found a solution for my fan problems. that is add another fan on top of my power supply fan. i thought this would be easy job for me to add.

a walk around Low Yat Plaza today, make me realise that the jobs i need to do on my PC is not as what i expected. i have to back home and open PC casing and check for few things before i can begin my Fan changing project.

now it is confirmed. just matter of when i going to buy the fan and change it myself. there are also got a lots of model of fan which i can choose from. from a relative cheap of Rm12 until Rm50. the more expensive have the better technology, like fan turbo, which have more number of wings compared to cheaper which have less wings.

somehow i still need to reconfirm with my friends. thinks is so easy, but to do it, really take a lots of determination...

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