Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dim Sum Breakfast

last night, one of my myviclub member sent sms to me saying that tomolo got Dim Sum Breakfast at Puchong.

initially i was thinking of do not want to go, since it's far and it's early 9am. thinks thinks, i got nothing better to do during the weekend, why dont show up there and chit chat with them.

im was right. i met back with one of the member, she was working in the account commercial. She just joined The Mines and it's quite interesting to listen story from her. while we updating each other, other member also doing great.

for rest of the day, after the Dim Sum, i went to Kota Damansara for car wash. My friend was not there, so did not stay long there and got no chances to find him chit-chat. So after the car wash, pay the money to his workers and ciao.

Back to home, resume my nothing better to do action at home for the rest of the day.

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