Wednesday, May 14, 2008


i have few days did not using Happy.
because im tired and just want to have a nice rest at home.

today, i finally make up my mind and go to collect my offer letter at japanese construction company.

early in the morning 6.15am im wake up, 7.05am im go out of the condo and 7.36am i reached the place at Damansara Heights.

the traffic is not so badly jamm at such timing.

read the offer letter, terms and conditions of the employment.
and im Signed.

back at home, suddenly my roomate called me.
his cousin is coming to TARC studying and want to find room to stay.
so i asked his cousin come and see the room.

and they come and see and they agreed.
finally my room got people renting.

finally i can have some cash flow relief.
finally i can have my mind made up.
finally i can have my new job waiting me.

finally i can have a relax month.
finally i can be Happy.

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