Saturday, May 31, 2008


Something is keep hunting me in my mind.
my aunty is in the hospital.
my aunty got ill.
my aunty have been sufering illness.
a serious illness, yet no one is telling me what illness she facing.

from my another aunty, my aunty got breast cancer.
she have been taking the treatment since dont know how long ago.
she have been resting all the while.

yet, i still have not visited her.
yet, no one is telling me.

until today, my uncle called me.
asking me go to UM hospital to visit my aunty.
but i got farewell diner at night, so i can not make it.
after that, suddenly an un-known number called me.
it's my grandma.
she also asking me go to UM hospital to visit my aunty.
she mentioned that my aunty is serious illness.

i feel scare.
i feel afraid.
i never visited an illness people of my relative.

last time when im small, my mum never let us go visit my grandpa (mother's side) when he is operation to take out stone. Even though the operation is sucessful, but my grandpa were not able to survived after the operations.

this time, the way my grandma (father side) talking to me in the phone, im feel scare, afraid, worry.
im so afraid of losting my aunty.

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foongpc said...

Hi, I lost my brother in law to liver cancer last year. It was sad but I and my family members got through it. You will too. Btw, I'm a newbie at blogging. Got to your blog through Dr M's "million hits" website. Maybe you can teach me a thing or two about blogging cos I'm still learning.

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