Friday, May 30, 2008


today is my fisrt time of learnt new words ---> THE MILLIONAIRE CLUB.

i found out that im also can be the millionaire club member, but it's will be long long journey to achieved this.

but our PM, Tun Mahatir have just achieved this.

and im proundly become his 1st comment on his THE MILLIONAIRE CLUB post.

Below is the print screen of my comment on the FIRST. hehe


i was posted the comment on 3.37pm and just now when i checked, it's already have 216 comments on it. so many comments.

anyways, Congras to Tun for this first million hits, two millions hit is coming soon.


kaninchen_of_mersey said...

Just curious...are u a chinese or a malay?

NYPT said...

congratulations on learning those 3 words - THE MILLIONAIRE CLUB

now you should learn to read more on Mahathir's tenure as PM to clear the haze that is blurring your vision.

ROCK ON....hope you hit your million!!! cheers!

Anonymous said...

You write very well.

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