Saturday, May 24, 2008


OMG... it's another Saturday.

it's a NBTD again.

anyways, today was a quite good day.

Morning, i have breakfast with 1 of my myviclub member.

he really teaching me a lots of ways to maintaining my lovely myvi.

i got cabin filter from him for a reasonable price with good quality. previously the cabin filter im got is not genuin part and the quality is bad.

the new cabin filter im getting is the Duratech brand. i can feel the better quality with my previous filter.

im really have a great talks with him and later found out from him that, my previous modification added in my engin bay is something that will harm my engin pistal in the long run. qucikly im notice it, and it's advisable for my to take it out.

so after the breakfast, i went to nearest Perodua Service Centre to check out the spare parts i need after i take out the modification. it's not available on the spot, need to order.

So during afternoon, i went to my usual Perodua Service Centra at Petaling Jaya, behind Campbell factory, AutoCraft to check out the spare parts which need to replace after i take out the modification.

i was taking the out "kryon" thing out.

anyways, while waiting, im too free, so photo shooting around the Service Centre. it's seem that all service centre is being upgraded. got LCD TV, and better image. before this, the previous service centre im visiting for displaying all the certification, and i saw 1 company which is so familiar.

It's Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd.

It's the Company which im went to interview.

it's the Company which offer me.

it's the Company which im reject the offer. *pening

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