Thursday, May 08, 2008


today 8.30am interview.

6.00am wake up
6.45am go out house to car park
7.00am come out from condo
8.08am reach Perodua Rawang
8.15am walked into the Corporate Building
8.15am-8.35am waiting at the waiting area

at the waiting area, there got 2 persons siting there.
1 malay guy
1 malay gal

the guy is coming for the production side post
the gal is coming for the same post as mine.

then come another malay gal, come another chinese gal.
they seems know each others.
but i do not thinks so.
just happened that table got extra seats and they all are gals.

finally, the HR walked slowly toward waiting area, and asking those who come for account executive post please follow her. 3 gals and me 1 guy followed her to the broadroom.

for the first time, i feel like im being de-graded.
some how i can feel it.
some how i can feel that im the only 1 who from audit.
some how i can feel it.

im do not care about others. so i take the lead. i sit the nearest to HR.

im first to hand over my photocopy certificert.
im first to complete the questionaaire.
im first to finish the application form.
im first to interview.

when the time submiting the photocopy of the certificate, she flip through the copy page by pages.
so i can see other candidates's certificate.
my feeling was right. im the only one with ACCA.
3 of them are from local university.

after submiting the certificate, we were given a test.
put Highest and lowest in the each category. ended up, 2 of them do it wrongly.
then have to redo again.

while im just proceed with the application.
i thinks im quite familiar with the application form format. what they want and what to fill in.
so with the speed, i completed quite fast.
and after that, submit to HR and went to toilet.

im was waiting quite long in the room, waiting them to finish the form.

finally they finished and we were told to wait at the outside.
the manager is in the meeting, and there will be General Manager of Accounts and General Manager of HR, both of them will be interviewing us one by one.

i was so afraid if it were a group interview.
i was so afraid if it were a Malay GM who interview and required to speak Bahasa Malaysia.
i was so afraid if it were role playing in the interview.

anyways, at the end, seem my worry is useless. im too over worry. scareing myself only.

it's were 2 indian who conducting the interview, the GM of account and HR.

my interview is started.
basically overall the interview is talking about myself.
the normal questions asked.

overall, i can feel im going to be offered!!!

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klise said...

stumbled upon this blog entry when i do some last-minute-googling before interview tomorrow... lulz...
thanks for the wish in! too bad u didnt choose p2 career path... if not i will have someone i have already known when joining p2

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