Monday, May 12, 2008

J or P - II

Japanese Construction Co Vs Perodua

before come to this conclusion, i managed to eliminated another offer option, that is CIMB Investment bank. i thinks i finally dare to admit to myself that i do not really likes this Banking although it's offer better in remuneration.

when the first time i received call for interview at the japanese co, im so excited. i know my way out of audit is coming. my door is knocking. i was interview on Friday and i got to know my result on Friday evening.

im so happy and im tender my resignation letter on 28 April 2008 Monday.

after 1 weeks, i received another call for interview, that is Perodua. Im so happy as well.
my thought of working in Perodua is realise soon.
i was so happy. Myvi is my passion.

i like my car myvi so much.
i was imaging i can see a lots of myvi everyday.
i was imaging i can working related with myvi.
i was imaging im working the the Myvi birth place.

that was my dreaming. when im wake up to reality, i found out:
i have to travel 100km per day to works.
i have to wake up at 6am, 6.45am to works.
i have to use highway and pay tolls.

im somehow doubting myself whether im able to do all these things.
im some how doubting whether im able to support this kind of life style.
Drving 100km per day cost money.
will my paid able to cover up and have some money for saving?
this is the reality of working in Perodua.

Myvi = Passion
Reality = No money

Japanese co = Money

should i choose passion over money?
should i choose money over passion?

i really need something strong to support me to works in Perodua.

moving to Rawang, or somewhere nearer to Perodua? Problem solved?
but then my life is gone.
no more KL life.
no more yam cha. in fact, the only thing is i miss my current house.
somehow i feel like im in the comfort zone.
my place = my comfort.


Anonymous said...

i have car dealer client too and the account is in a mess!! Total mess and all the staff just so selfish doing thier own things only. Overall, i dont even think of going in car dealer's company la..hehehe..
for me, i will choose construction company..heard that the construction company's benefit and bonus quite good one. hehe

yan er

vin_ann said...

thanks yan er, even though i join, i believe, Perodua account is quite ok lol..

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