Monday, May 19, 2008


it's really NBTD's weekend.

Saturday morning, wake up like normal, have breakfast then online surfing.

afternoon, i went to IKEA to buy something. since i really got no hurry, i visited all corner, see how the design and thinks which one is suite me.

walk walk walk, then i saw 1 thing, it's so ngam suite my need but then looking at the prices, it's really expensive at first thought.

back home. rest.

evening, suddenly im thought of im already long long time did not go to jogging at the titiwangsa there. so without second thought i change cloths and go to titiwangsa lake for jogging.

i thinks this is my first time im driving to Titiwangsa jogging. previously last year, the last time im was on motorbike to there. i have no problems on the parking and the traffic jam.

but now im driving to there. first it's traffic jam. stupid people parking at the road side, 2 lane road become 1 lane. lucky i managed to find the parking, else will curse kaw kaw.

it's really quite long time i did not come to Titiwangsa for jogging. it's really long long time. everything is improving and changing.

then walk walk, run run, jog jog, i found that most of the people 99% is Malay. while im the only 1 chinese walking around, hanging around. dun know how it can be like this.

anyways, im planning to go to Lake Garden for my jogging which im wanted to there long long time ago, just do not know why im never been there.

Lake Garden, here i come. Ops, before that, i need to get a new running shoe. Sigh, spending money again.

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