Saturday, May 17, 2008

MyviClub - latest member

it's Daihutsu Sirion.
it's in French.
it's one of the latest member of member.
it's so amazing.
it's so excited.
it's spread so far.

im just loving it.

after few days did not login into my forum for normal updates, i come accross that there is a member from French, Lyon. he got his Sirion, and joined horey.

he was asking ways to do some D.I.Y stuff and i can see a lots of member is answering his questions. i wish i can help. but i know nothing much.

previously, when i joined the TT at Melaka, i also come accross that got 1 member is driving Sirion. He is from Singapore. too bad, dun have much chances to chit-chat with him.

his car is White Sirion.

im just likes my Myvi.

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