Saturday, May 24, 2008

Perodua Service Centre

it's seem Perodua has upgrade their service centre to be a better places.
it's seem every Perodua service centre is the same design.
it's seem they still have not changed much yet.
it's seem they still offer limited product range for servicing.

it's seem it's about the time for me to consider servicing outside?
Frankly speaking, outside world can offer a much better oil and better protection for engin and the Oil Interval Change can last for 10,000 km, unlike currently which is 5,000 km Oil Interval Change.
This question, or Dilema im been thinking for quite a long long time ago. im been considering of servicing outside, but yet i still can not find the trust worthy car centre to do it.

anyways, i will stick with AutoCraft service centre at the movement.

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