Monday, September 07, 2009


After having the "worst" food in Wangsa Maju, my friend and i went to 1 Station Cafe to meet up with other friends then we went up to Genting for Merdeka Countdown Celebration.

Up at Genting, my friend who quite familiar with Genting brought us to a small park which in front of the Hotel Theme Park.

From the park, i can see the KL view, and this is the 1st time im come to this park to view the KL night view...

im quite enjoy it.... watching the tiny KL from far uphill... and the cooling windy wind is blowing...

on this Merdeka, there were no any countdown celebration in KL, tht's why im eager to come up to here to see the fireworks...

i missed the MIFC (Malaysia Internation Fireworks Competition)!

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