Sunday, September 13, 2009


yesterday and today morning, im wake up "very" early as usual.

Wake up at 4.15am for my Bukit Tabur hiking on Saturday morning and my 20km LSD (Long Slow Distance) running.

12-September 2009
On Saturday morning, we meet up at Tmn Melawati which is very near to my house and im reached earlier.

I got nothing better to do, so i SMS people. im just want to send SMS to any1 that come cross my mind.

A short SMS of : Good Morning. Hehe
which i sent out at 6.08am.

SMS were sent to: Y, Y2, SP and R.

within minutes i got reply from SP
- she seems awake that time and replied: Wah, so early wake up d. Haha..

no reply after that, my friends arrived and we were off for hiking bukit Tabur.
while hiking, i received SMS from Y at 7.29am.

Y replied: Wah! Good Morning Send to wrong person?

then the next SMS i received was from R at 8.51am
R replied: Good morning, i think u had sent wrong message to me this morning. . anyway wish u a nice day ahead.

Y2 never replied and never bother to know why too....

13-September 2009
This morning, i got to meet up with other runners at 5.30am at bukit aman car park for my 20km LSD run. but bcoz of raining, i only went out at 5.15am.

so yesterday seems i got the funny sms replied from friends, so this morning im also going to try it the same SMS.

This round, i sent more people.
1st sms - J, S, SU, SP, JT, T, J2, JG sent on 4.33am
2nd sms - A, AF, ANG, AP, AY, B, M sent on 5.13am

when im back from running around 9.00am, i got 5 unread SMS, only 4 relates to the SMS above.

S replied: Morning...So early...? (received 7.36am)

T replied: Why wake up so early?but it rained tis morning (received 7.54am)

A replied: Gd morning! Hw r u? (received 9.05am)

M replied: Wow.. So early?? (received 12.24pm)

JG replied: Wah, u so early wake up 1 ah. Doing wat? (received 1.36pm)

J replied: Hi good afternoon :P how r u? ( received 1.55pm)

AF just replied: Hi, now only i saw your message. How come so early wake up? (received 2.33pm)

the rest, up to the point of writing this blog (2.35pm) , not yet reply or no reply and also wont update anymore.

its seem that, Sat and Sun people were replying 2 different set of message!
im wondering how come on Sat, the 2 friends were saying im sending to wrong person le... its worth to explore it...

while on Sunday's reply, its quite normal and consistent... and most of my friends seem do not know im running during weekend! grrrrrrrrrrrrr...

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