Saturday, September 26, 2009

Footloose @ Pacesetter

Continue from my previous post here, i got noticed the latest edition of Footloose is out. Its was just arrived yesterday according to the person in charge.

The cover story is about the pretty girl Yin who run her 1st half marathon...

this remind of me, asking myself, since when was my 1st half marathon?
thinking hard...

im was eventually "joined" my 1st half marathon in Penang Bridge International Marathon run back to 2000, when i was studying Form 5 in Penang Technical Institution. i put "joined" because im really "join" but due to my 1st time joining, i was overslept... and did not got the chances to run my 1st half marathon.

The time im wake up it already 8.30am and im still makes my way to USM campus (back then the finishing line was at USM campus) and i used all the coupon and redeem all the goods! im enjoying walking around and also redeem the free gift.

Since then, in Penang, after Form 5, im managed to continue my Diploma in TARC instead of Polytechnic in Singapore with my favourite course ---> Accounting.

2001 Nov, im joined the Penang Bridge Run again! this time, also the half marathon and i really did not have any knowledge of running a marathon... internet that time was not so convenience to me as my house did not have phone line, and im also did not know where to get running information. just about 1 months before the run, i just went to Youth Park and Botanical Garden to run few round and im consider my training is done.

This round, im make sure im awake and i did not really have enough sleep. just awake whole night on the bed... im excited. With my "considered ok" training, im really suffer during my half marathon... i dont know how long im able to run, and the rest, im only walking...

even walking also pains to me! i know im in deep shit, terrible pain! but im just walks back to finishing line... my timing was not a good 1, im exceed the 3 hours and i cant get finishing medal for it, only certificate! Grrrr....

im decided im going to make a come back next year, and to complete it within 3 hours!

Life in Penang during my Diploma was a pleasure! beside keep studying and do revision in college library, im make sure every wednesday evening, i make my way to Youth Park to join a group of people to do Aerobic. Yeah, im enjoyed it very much! That's where i built up my aerobic skills... haha...

In 2002, i joined the Penang Bridge Run, with determination of to complete the Half Marathon in 3 hours. This time i started my training much earlier, 3 months before run. Youth Park hiking to Point 3 is my weekly routine and also running at Botanical Garden.

On the night before run, im also cant sleep well, just feel excited. 2002 of me was really clueless on the marathon preparation, im just be myself eat routine and that's all.

i did not know what is called "carbo loading", power gel, proper running shoe, all i know is just run, run to complete. im wearing my basketball shoe for running! WTF...

in the 2002 run, im also having the same problems and situation, but with lesser effect compared to my 2001 run. im still run and walk, walk and run, and keep myself motivated not to stop and keep on going to complete it within 3 hours!

Finally i made it. i got my finishing medal!

i wish i can come back every year, but i was absent for 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. In 2003, i further my studies to advanced diploma in TARC KL campus and im forget my running life since then...

Just occasionally go Titiwangsa running for 1 loop but it was not sustainable.

After college life 2003-2005, in 2006 Jan i joined audit field which making my life un-balanced and hardly got exercise. it continue for 2 years plus until at 1 point, i call it off.

in April 2008, i left audit to join commercial. my lifestyle change dramatic. From super busy to free. i was enjoying my free time by doing nothing. Until in the month which Penang Bridge Run 2008 registration was open, im decided to join the run after so many years absent. This time, im decided to join 10km fun run! i did not want run half marathon as im now starting from zero and also i have to drive from KL to Penang and then drive back to KL after run. im scared im not ready for it yet.

i dont know where to training even i have so much free time. i tried to run at Titiwangsa, but after 1 loop, im give up. i need running partner to motivates me running longer...

as im active forumer in Low Yat forum, automatically i search though the fitness section and i found running thread by Phoenix also known as Frank. Through him, i know Saucony seller, Choi and im determine to get 1 proper running shoe and i know Saucony suites me. i was COD (Cash on Delivery) with Choi to get my Triump 5.

From him, i get to know Runners Malaysia group and im running excitement life was begin from Aug 2009.

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