Tuesday, September 22, 2009

If i have 100Mbps

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Well done! im just loving it!
Screw the Screamyx !!!

On this Digi Pimp my Broadband, actually i knew it since on the 1st day it appear on the nuffnag.
when 1st saw this contest, im expecting can see a lots of creative thing come along...
now i got 1... hehe...

Hopefully got more to come.

btw, this video is made by my friend's friend... which i dont know him/her, just saw my friend posted on her facebook and share it out...

Everybody, if u like the video, pls vote (click the "Thumbs up" sign)

p/s: no registration needed, unlike the nescafe kickstart voting! bloddy 'ma huan' need register! if not friend asking for support, I WONT VOTE IN NESCAFE KICKSTART!

1 comment:

Friedbeef said...

Awesome video - you should join the contest also ma :)

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