Sunday, September 13, 2009

RON 95

last night i was yam cha with my friend who back to Malaysia vacation for 3 weeks from Singapore to prepare his wedding (all to be done in 3 weeks)

meet up with him and another friend at 8.45pm and left around 11.00pm.

i left my house around 8.00pm and its consider quite early.
and so co-incidence, my fuel bar is bliking...

im decided to pump Shell because i wanted to get point for my new Amex Credit card which i can get 5X point for pumping petrol, actually is any petrol station, but too bad, my nearest petrol station - BHP Petrol did not accept Amex.

i pumped at Shell station and also for the 1st time im pumping RON95 which is a new fuel and cost the same as old RON 97 (off course before the price hike on 1st September 2009).

im un-able to feel the different using RON95. Perhaps my car is just a little myvi...

Will try to monitor the performance of the fuel and also finding out the cons of using RON95 from my expert friend one day...

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