Sunday, September 13, 2009

LSD 22km @ 13 September 2009

Back at home around 11.30pm and sleep around 12.00am.

awake around 4.00am and its heavy raining and thunder. if follow logic, i shall sleep back until early in the morning and automatic wake up!

But i feel the otherwise. Last weekend Sunday, also like this situation just before 5.30am, its raining...

so i just dont care and preparing myself for the run. Drank nescafe 3 in 1 and 2 slide of bread.
its still raining and im sitting in front of PC and facebook-ing... and also sending SMS...

i only went out around 5.15am which i thinks its the best time, the rain is stop. hopefully no rain at Bukit Aman Car Park (BACP).

damm, when reached at BACP, its still raining and lucky its not heavy, just small rain!

5.35am i reached there and my running gang Terrence group are there. they were ready! 6 of them! together with me 7 of us.

the 1st few KMs, its always been hard to me. my muscle are feeling pain and it need some time to warming up and the pain subsequent gone after i run after the bukit tunku uphill and start downhill...

for this running, i decided not to listen MP3 while running. I want to hear my own breathing... and i wanted to always to remind myself to breath in and out more frequent!
i have this kind of thinking because on Thurday, i joined with pacemakers (Ronnie,WKM, Kelvin and etc) to train on the speed run. that was really my 1st time pushing myself so hard in the 478meters UPHILL. i can hear my own breathing and im struggle to breath more deeper and keep running to complete the 478meters uphill!

They were sprint for 6 sets which im only managed to do for 4.5 sets. 1 set i ran half way and give up.
1st set - 2m36s (not knowing how tough it can be, just push and sprint)
2nd set - 2m30s
3rd set - 2m 25s
4th set - ran half
5th set - rest for last set(too tiring im keep breathing and feel powerless)
6th set - 2m20s

Back to LSD, we took the Matrade direction and the back route of Petronas which give extra 2km to 20km.

Brought 1 500ml gatograde. i thinks im learned my lesson, i should not finished the whole 500ml during the rest and to take small portion and i took with it to run back to Bukit Aman.

my lower of right chest is start to feeling the pain when i passed by the Duta Nusantara, im trying to breath more frequent and its help to control the pain...

at certain part, my muscle is pain and im walk for a while to rest my muscle...
last few LSD, i have the chest pain problems, now chest is ok, muscle pulak which pain!
im really need to train more. im thinks im just lack of training...

weekly mileage for the week is just about 30km which is far below than the minimum of 50km.

Now im countdown on the Borneo Marathon, which im going to fly on 8 October Thursday!

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