Friday, September 25, 2009


20 September 2009

i have done it again! " Good Morning. Hehe"

For details, can find my older post here.

i wake up early to go to FRIM...

random friend being sent the SMS...

surprisingly got friends replied.

H is replied: Hey gd morning. Y so early? ( received 6.05am)
I replied: i go running. is my sms wake you up?
H replied: i wake up adi. Today go nirvana,my mum ngam ngam 100 days, so go ther pray pray and 'invite' bek home. U really like to run hor.. so fit
I replied: sorry to hear tht... take care...

Another friend C:
C replied: isnt it abit 2 early 2 greet me?? (received 6.13am)
I replied: i go running. is my sms wake you up?
C replied: U wake me uo lor... Go run la u.. i wanna tidur (received 6.16am)
I replied: good night

Next is Friend MY:
MY replied: Morning! How r u? (received 6.17am)
I replied: i go running. is my sms wake you up?
MY replied: i wake up at 5am everyday 2 practice yoga.Dont worry :P (received 8.21am)
i guess she only reply me after she finished practice her yoga...
I replied: (i was thinking does yoga helps in running) oic... i wanted to ask you, did yoga can help in running?
MY : Yes. Ps let me give ur email and msn?
I : given her my email and msn add.

she sent me some useful link! which im going to learn it... im practicing Yoga... hehe

Next is Friend MK:
MK replied: Morning..find me ma :P? (received 6.17am)
I replied: no le
MK replied: wat time u sms saja only.. no need sleep ar??
I replied: i go running. is my sms wake you up?
MK replied: Sure give ur sms wake me up la..tot u wat no frim running so no need morning call me la.. ( received 6.23am)

Next is Friend HS:
HS replied: ???today is wat special day? u birthday? (received 9.11am)
forgetten what im replied jor...
HS: bt u nvr wish me good morning ma :P ( 12.15pm)

Next is Friend WT:
WT: may i know who is tis? (received 10.07am)
i din really bother to reply this sms jor... only after few hours i got mood i replied: Chin Ann

NExt is Friend BB:
BB : Good morning! Y so early? (10.32am)
I replied: i go running.
BB: holiday sure sleep late ma. You want ask me go hiking? (18.38)
also forget what i replied her...
BB: Go where run ah these days? Not go back hometown? (19.32)

Next is Friend CK:
CK: Hi friend, why this morning wake up so early? haha (21.50)

among friends above, there are my coursemate, my classmate, my ex-colleague, my forum friend and my hometown friend...

where i can knowing that (with assumption) :
got 1 friend have deleted my number / lost my number...
get to know friend latest work / hobbies

the most gain i got for the day is i got the youtube yoga video link which will helps in my running!

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