Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Borneo Marathon 2009

This time, im decided to blog with pictures, as 1 picture worth thousand of words.

On 8 Oct 2009 (Thursday), i have taken flight to Kota Kinabalu together with my Cari Chinese forum friends aka Cari Runners.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we were jalan-jalan around KK and also makan seafood. Hunts for the nice and famous food and also visiting famous places!

im enjoyed it.

On Sunday 11 Oct 2009, i wake up around 3.00am and come out around 3.30am to the Hyatt Hotel to catch 4.00am free bus ride to the Likas Stadium the Borneo Marathon starting point.

my 21km half marathon was started at 5.30am sharp. Picture below were taken by my friend licici, my low yat forum chinese thread friend.

we were reached early, not much people around.

At 5.30am, we were off. im quite worry about my legs whether they will give me any problems or not... my leg muscle were OK... no sign of painful.

after running for about 10 minutes, im so surprise seeing the water station! wah, so fast already got water station, im not yet exhaust and i got bring along 500ml of Gatrade sport drinks with me. but as time pass, as im keep running for about 20 minutes plus, i start to feel pain on my shin. my right leg shin is start to pain...

i was worrying... im trying to maintain my speed by pace with 1 runner and slowly i found that i can not maintain my speed but have to reduce it, but im still running... i have to position my leg using different muscle while landing and i try to walk for few steps and found walk is even more pain, thus i keep running...

Run, run, run... i keep thinking it and focus on beautiful view on coastal, and soon and not long after that, my pain is gone... it was just an temporary pain.

Pain is gone, and i run into the Kota Kinabalu city centre. passing by the jesseton jetty, wisma Merdeka, water front, KK market, philipino market, im enjoyed the view and its give me different feel compared to route in KL. Around 6.30am, the SKY IS BRIGHT already!

People in KK are patient. Even they were block by the police, they just wait give way to runners and the way of their driving are good.

Run into the Sutera harbour! im just enjoyed the view. The sea, the coastal... after U-turn at Sutera Harbour, we run further up and another U-turn in front. immediate the U-turn, i consume power gel 2X caffeine just before the water station. Immediately i can feel i got the power and energy again! im still keep my speed and keep run... i was head back to Likas Stadium after the 2 U-turns. With the helps of Power Gel 2X, my mood is changed to aggressive, im just keep running... so ngam Tey was in front, and i can see from far he is keep taking photo for runners! Thank you Tey! Another pic of my from far...

Getting nearer to Tey... the picture, its PRICELESS...
Another PRICELESS pictures by Tey...
Final PRICELESS pictures by Tey.
After Tey, no more picture i thought. after passby the Marina Court, i come to roundabout. Guess what, i saw Terrence, another my running gang friend. He shouted me from far: Eh, CHIN ANN! and he take out his camera and i took out my camera too.

i helped him to take picture and he helped me take picture in front of the roundabout! i thinks this time, i have to scarify for the timing, can not achieve 2 hr 30 minutes already! With that in mind, immediate the photo taking movement, i throw away my bottle and running without water in hand and i can run more comfortable...

At this movement, an uncle was passing by me after i put down my bottle at road side. Its Uncle Sunny (picture below, i know him, but he might not know me, haha) passing by me. he is 66 years this year and his fitness level is superb.
Uncle Sunny's speed is ok with me, so i pace with him. or else, if i run with my own speed, im also not sure whether im able to achieved my desired timing or not. im keep my distance nearer and nearer to him, at least i got something to chase for and to motivate me. i thinks this is my ways of motivation. From the city centre roundabout, i keep pace with uncle Sunny... there is about 8-9km away from the finishing point.

along the way, im enjoyed the view again... Philipino market, KK wet market, water front.. after out from city, we run along the coastal road... Uncle Sunny speed is consistent and slowly he speeding up.

i saw kennysia from far. i quickly took out my camera and i wanted to take photo of him, but by the time i reach near to him, its too late. If i were to shot his pictures, i would lost pace with uncle Sunny. within second, i decided just cheers for Kennysia! +U+U+U, put back my camera and continue to pace with uncle Sunny.

i was abit behind Uncle Sunny because of taking out and puting back camera! Grrr... at the final roundabout when we were turning into the Stadium Likas, suddenly uncle Sunny speak out, he told me that we were just about 2km away from finishing point and he said, lets we target the blue shirt girl in front (which is quite far from view). We target her and we going to chase after her slowly... and we speed up... he told me that this year he is 66 years old... and the blue shirt girl that was our target is his friend...

1km left, he told me and im surprised we were getting nearer to our target! its not far away! Just before we entering the stadium, uncle Sunny told me to keep some energy for the final 100meter sprint! He reminded me not to sprint too soon, waits until entering into stadium after the corner.

Uncle Sunny sprint immediately the corner and im trying to sprint as well, but its seems that i did not have enough breath to sprint, its was not 100m but is around 150m, my turbo can not kick in, i was left behind by uncle sunny and he really sprint all his way until finishing point and finally he managed to overtake the target!

While for me, my turbo only kick in with 50m left, i sprinted the last 50meters and overtake another running friend Mr Lai.
hmmm, not bad for my timing this round with some time were spend for photo taking...
Group photo with Tey, Tey's friends and also Cari Runners.

im enjoyed it. Next year Borneo Marathon scheduled on 14 April 2010.


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