Thursday, October 15, 2009

Double Hill @15 Oct 09

4.15am, my hp alarm was ring...

my radio alarm ring at 4.20am...

subsequent that, my friend miss call at 4.25am to wake up me!

i can remember clearly, this is my second time wake up so early during weekday for running.

last time, we only run about 7km. this round, we ran double hill 10km without any short cut.

i found that, to enable me go to works after run, i have to bring extra things.
my formal cloths and pant, leather shoe, and hair gel too...

5.30am we start to run double hill from bukit aman car park.
im quite enjoy the run, my legs, my calf muscle did not give me any pain, but still my right leg shin still giving me pain! its slowed me down and i cant catch up with my friends...

they were fast...

during up hill, im enjoyed this the most... i can feel myself i got extra energy to run faster during uphill... i use all my energy for uphill and when it come to downhill, i relax and just run slowly downhill, that's where im was overtake by friends... =.=''

5.30am start and i ended my run around 6.44am...

i took a rest, drinks lots of water... and prepare for shower at the public toilet which only cost 50 cents.

around 7.15am im done, and im head to office @ Jln Raja Laut.
i found myself reached at office around 7.30am... its too early and im hungry!

so i decided to walk to morning market nearby my office. Wow, i found that there quites a lots of people eating and buying food.
i find a seat and ordered Wan Tan Mee Big! im enjoyed my full breakfast!

i remembeer, when was my 1st time running in the morning, i feel fresh whole day in the office, but today im feel abit tiring. im so afraid im will makes mistake in my works!

my friends are running tomolo morning 5.30am again same route or reserve route. i thinks i need to give myself a rest for tomorrow as have something important thing to sort out and wanted to focus on it!

anyways, i will go for Sat n Sun... my friends are planning 20km on Sat and Sun might be 20km too!

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