Saturday, October 24, 2009


Tomorrow is Mizuno Wave Run 2009.
The location is at UPM.
The starting point is at Stadium UPM.

im already got my Mizuno vest, just now went to UPM wanted to know the venue of run for tomorrow morning.

i left house around 2.15pm. traffic from Jalan Tun Razak starting from American ambassador were already slowing moving, and it continue all the way until the air force sg besi airport! WTF...

im quickly take exit and using Besaraya highway to Serdang. Lucky no jam. im just following sign-broad and im come to the main entrance of UPM - Pintu 1. i asked the guard where is the Stadium UPM, and he politely reply me and show me the direction.

i make a U-turn and follow the direction by the guard. im trying to see the directory broad on the UPM signbroad and i cant find any Stadium UPM.

then even the Pacesetter signbroad also mis-leading, i thinks its suppose for the tomorrow race direction! i round and round the UPM and im hardly can find the words Stadium UPM!

WTF... WTH... i was so amazed when im 1st entering into UPM... it so big! yet let me down to the earth! Really feel disappointed for UPM...

Lucky i got nothing better to do and i go survey for my mizuno run starting and finishing point!

Grrrrrrrr, i should have done my google map homework before heading to these kind of places!

Screw d UPM signbroad directory!

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