Saturday, October 03, 2009

Running @ 3 Oct 09

Im Feelling Good.

Surprisingly my leg muscle did not feel any pain! im dun know why... but i did not run during weekday! Is it due to that reason? Dun know!

we started our run at 5.30am with initial target of 30km!

System is running well... with muscle pain is not appear on my legs, then i try to control my breathing.

when we reached at the Plaza Damas uphill, my breathing is abit out... i walk for few second to 1 minutes and continue to run till Petronas Station...

After refill, had my 2x power gel, we continue our run to next level to Tmn Tun and back to Petronas = 10km. But soon after we were crossing the bridge / overfly, and continue, 1 of our gang fell down! oh my god... she accident kicked the uneven surface rock ! We advise her not to continue run and we all head back to Petronas station to wash her wound.

Basically, today run im very satisfy!

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