Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pisang Goreong @ Tmn Melawati

Saw the Pisang Tanduk (asked the seller name of banana, hope i spell correct)
After back from UPM, i was eating cendol enjoying the cendol, although it taste so sweet untill cant taste the cendol at roadside stall... when im back to my car, i noticed my car is being "cucuk" 1 screw! immediately i can thinks of is my tayar shop at Tmn Melawati.

without second thought, i drive to there for them to checking. lucky, its just a short screw!

When im back, i saw the big banana were hang at the tent and without second thought i know i will stopby there to buy the pisang goreng. the stall quite a lots of people buying... as i brought once before way back my motor era...

i was thinking, if can get 1 big banana, its more than sufficient for carbo loading! haha...

The stall is located at the Opposite Pizza Hut Taman Melawati.

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