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22 Nov 09 - Penang Bridge International Marathon

Event: Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009 (PBIM)
Venue: Queensbay Mall, Penang
Date: 22 November 2009
Time: 3.30am
Distance: 21KM
Timing: 2hrs 18mins (Official time)
Positions: 444th of total 2,833
Shoe: Saucony Triumph 6
By vin_ann

Pre-race day
On Saturday, we were in Taiping having our Dim Sum for breakfast... we tour Taiping lake and photoshooting... its so peaceful.

After that we head to Penang, Queenbays Mall for Bibs collections and vest.
The vest collection process was smooth! basically no people collecting the vest when we were arrived there about 11.15am.

Then we cam-whoring around...

have our lunch in the Queenbays Mall... Taiwan Bull... its a nice restaurant! After that, we were jalan-jalan around Queenbays Mall... which im not really enjoy doing it.

We were heading to Tune Hotel after that which cost RM15 per night per pax for us.
Initially im planned to go for the Penang Road cendol, but after checks into our room, im feel so tired. Have a shower immediately and when im coming down to lobby, others were also heading for makan!

after much discussion, we decided to have makan at the next door, The NEW WORLD PARK which have famous ice kacang! my cendol plan was postponed.

Had mi rebus and ice kacang! feel so full and we back to hotel and rest. i managed to sleep from 5.30pm until 7.30pm then i awake... i can not sleep back and just moving on bed.

we gather at 9.30pm and head to nearby hawker centre. i cant believed myself that im eating that much of food... a fried rice, satay, kuih, and other small dishes.

im was so full... back to hotel its was 11.00pm, im only have about 1.5 hours of sleep before we leaving for PBIM at 12.30am.

Race Day 22-Nov-09

We reached at PBIM car park around 1.00am. we went to meet up with other Cari Runners. But im really lack of sleep... my race only started around 3.30am... i have about 2hour 30mins to sleep in the car...

although im sleep in car, but im not really enjoy the benefits of it.. wasted.
around 2.00am, we were leaving head to starting point. Done some warm up...
Basically im still in the sleeping mood. walking follows people direction...

3.30am, race is started. so much people running and passing through small narrow starting point... i started to run... my target for this 21km was sub 2. My initial starting speed was good! im running at full force.

Passing the roundabout, turning out into highway... im feel OK.. my legs did not gives any sign of pains... my breathing is ok... everything is ok... im waiting my muscles, my body to be heat up so that i can push further...

suddenly, i can feel my stomach is giving some signal... OMG... my body wanted to do "Big Biz". oh shit... my mind keep telling my body its not the right time to do "Big Biz" now. im already ran for 2-3km... and there is not toilet all the way, if got only 1 at the water station! When i have this feel, i slowed down and keep my body not to have the feel of doing "big biz"...

eventually my body listened to my mind... im at least feel better, and i can continue to run... just that i can feel my body is abit too heavy to run... even im slow, i have my consistent speed... at least to have my minimum speed to run finish the 21km! Wow, the 1st water station im actually skipping it and to my surprise, they were giving 1 500ML bottle to every runners and what most of us doing was just have a small sip of water and throw away the whole bottle! What a waste!

when im running up to the bridge, Kelvin (pacemaker) is shouting my name loud from the back! we were able to chit-chat abit before he smoked me! left me alone again!

Once im reach at the beginning of the bridge, i can see a lots of runners pee on the middle divider! im wanted to do so, but i got no pee for me to pee... Grrrrr... no chances to leave a mark on Penang Bridge!

The long stretch of going up bridge did not really toll me, i can comfortable running up and running down i feel no gravity push, im just keep my speed constant...

i have my GU gel at the 10km water station point when we were making U-turn. immediately i can feel the push and energy! my going up the bridge when heading back was a fast 1... Still im not able to push myself. Just maintain a constant speed...

i wish i have someone to pace with... someone that i can target... someone that i can compete with... grr so many wishes...

with the constant speed... even before the finishing point about 1km, im still not able to kick in my turbo... im so lack of turbo...

probably my body is heavy... unable to kick in turbo to fly...
A constant speed to end my 21km half marathon... with 2hrs 18mins...

After crossing the line, im feel so relief... now i can looking high and low for a comfortable toilet to release all my shit trapped in my body! Thank to KH Tan, he lead me to the toilet inside the mall... a lots of shit were released... really a lots...

Worse, i have to drive back to KL... its real tiring, but im do enjoy the driving!

PBIM - A race that i love
Great organiser... the Standard Chartered KL Marathon can pack their baggage收皮!!
Too much of water - im was hydrated all the way!

PBIM - A race that i hate
Stomach problem - Grrr... have to blame myself for so greedy eating so much of nice penang food!
Starting time - 1st time in my running life i start running at 3.30am... im not even got the chances to see sunraise on the Penang Bridge! Even my usual training earliest start at 5.00am!

PBIM, you going to be my annual running events, be it half marathon or full marathon.

Next year, no more driving back to KL on the same day! im need a real rest after the run! specially after i have my favourite penang road cendol!

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