Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chasing Our Shadow

Today its just another normal day of 20km running training.
Today trying the new gears for running for my up coming Penang Bridge Run marathon (half) and Standard Chartered Singapore marathon ( FULL), to test out see whether my body. my stomach can take in the Gel or have negative.
1) Injinji teosock
2) GU Energy Gel
3) Weider Energy Jelly
When first try to wear the sock, i can feel little un-comfortable. Perhaps 1st time wearing this kind of sock.

Recommended by my running friends who said its taste better and also recommended by my colleague who also is a active cyclist. im bored of Power Gel, and give it a try on the GU Gel.

Another product selling by my running friend, Choi. i saw him displaying the jelly, and 1st thing i ask, can this jelly fitted into my SPI belt? Yes, i got the reply. Without second thought, i brought from him! its cost RM6.50 per jelly pack and which equal cost to Power Gel.

Event: Bukit Aman - Hartamas 20km route training
Venue: Bukit Aman Car park, KL
Date: 15 November 2009, Friday
Time: 5.30am
Distance: 20km
Timing: 2hrs 7 minutes
Shoe: Saucony Triumph6

my first 10km run was easy and i managed to speed up at the second half of the route.
i had my energy jelly and also at the same time have the GU Gel, ( omg, im must be desperate to try out and im thinks im going to get over-powered) Lucky im just feeling fine.

on way back, i was cooled down during break and abit hard to get back to warm up. Start with slow run back.

We were heading back with normal speed. A comfortable speed, then suddenly i was overtake by "Our Shadow". Zoom...Zoom...Zoom...

Initially i wanted to chase over our shadow, but if im chase our shadow, i have to left my running friend, undecided. just keep my pace. Run up the the 1st half crossing the duta road, i decided to chase over "our shadow".

i thinks the GU Gel and the Weider jelly effect kick-in whenever im required the energy. Im enjoyed the energy kick-in when im required.

i thinks im too late to chase over our shadow, but im still able to see our shadow from far. If i were kick start to chase earlier, i would have able to chase our shadow.

its was a great run to chase our shadow.
i enjoyed the Weider Jelly and i have ordered 1 box ( 6 packs) from my running friend.
i enjoyed the GU gel as well, going to get 6 packs from GNC as i can get 15% discount if get 1 short 6 packs at 1 goal.


Unknown said...

is the pair of running socks useful?

i m doing my first marathon on 6th dec 2009 too :)

vin_ann said...

Yes, it is. According to my running friend a.k.a seller, he wear it for past 2 years for long distance running and no technical sock can come near to them.

Let's run our 1st full marathon on 6th Dec 09.

If u interested, let me know, i tell you how to get it in KL.

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