Sunday, November 08, 2009

Tian Hou Gong Temple 天后宫

Today got nothing better to do, so i just went to 天后宫拜拜 Tian Hou Gong Temple praying.

if my memory served me well, the last time i visited 天后宫 was before or during Chinese New Year early of the year.

i was praying, seeking some peace of mind for my career.

Today, it was a really hot day! i reached there about 4.30pm and the sun is burning!
when i walked to the entrance, i was behind a group of uncle who speaking ENGLISH... im trying to ignore them, but 1 of them speak so loud that i was forcing to listen to his conversation!

"Wah... Got ISO certification 1 le.... 90001, temple also got ISO 1 le..." i was like huh, something wrong? then as we climb up the stairs, im really dont want to listen to his critics and i overtake them! the last sentence i heard from him is "dam tiring have to climb up, what a poor temple!"

im really dissappointed with that uncle! see 1 thing critics 1 thing...
please dont visit any temple!

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