Monday, November 16, 2009

Saucony Triumph 7

Triumph 7
Triumph 7 :)

im recently not long ago, hmmm consider not long ago for some one but for me, it's might be abit too long, ops... talks too much, continue my story...

im recently brought the new shoe Triump 6 on 8th August 2009 which is about 3 months ago, and my Triumph 6 have clocked 325km of running distance!

for another 300km, my Triumph 6 cycle life will be end soon... which is estimated for another 3 months, if im consistent running at this rate.

Yesterday, re-visited my trusted Saucony Seller in KL website and found that he posted SauconyTriumph 7! Anticipated will be available in Msia next year June or July.

Im just have to waits...

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