Saturday, November 28, 2009

Singapore’s Blade Runner

Singapore’s Blade Runner

When im running on the Penang Bridge Run on 22 Nov 2009, as im speed up, i come across this man, who running on his artificial left leg!

Wow, he is in front of me, before im overtake him around 3-4km mark. He is fast! I never thought of i have witness this great man.

Suddenly, his running linked me to Terry Fox which recently we have Terry Fox Run in KL Lake garden!

Md Shariff Abdullah with his amazing 'blade'. ST PHOTO: V.K. Santosh Kumar

He is going to run in the Standard Chartered Singapore marathon (SCSM) this 6th Dec 2009.

i came to know he is Singapore's Blade Runner when one of my running mate posted a blog link in his facebook and he got FACEBOOK! without second thought im added him in my facebook!
you can add him by typing:

Singapore Blade Runner

oh, just noticed he got blog too... at :

Looking forward to meet him in SCSM soon.

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